He is the ruler of Pure Heart Kingdom, which is located in Pure Heart Valley.This was shown in He's the Sheriff when he took on Boss Hosstrich in a Manners Duel..In Fright Wig, he even abuses the Sheriff Department only because he cannot overcome his fears.Dim's Children ? Dr. Cuddlestien ? Eugene. Rule 63 captain america. Also, he will not hesitate to punish anyone who has offended or displeased him, and tends to treat Quinton like a slave.Without his mane (which is actually a wig), however, he has a small triangular head with a sharp-edged chin.In fact, he mainly uses his subjects as cannon fodder when any peril arises

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He kept it tucked away in his clothes since his father had an unusual hatred to it, but he couldn't help wearing it.Wasting no second, Mao Mao burst into a sprint and tackled his way into the fort.Confused, he looked down as well, and was that his pendant was out.It was a small, circular ruby hanging from a good chain.Comments: 2 Kudos: 12 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 91.One day, strangers knock at his door, and soon the cat realizes there's more to his history then his family's telling him. Zane and riley. .Turn it into your own personal fort, or course.He had ordered pizza earlier, since the kitchen was about empty (Mao Mao still didn't have a plan to restock it, but he's working on that), and he had some leftover money for some tip.As he opened the door, he was greeted by disappointment.He had practically dismantled the entire living room, and the kitchen had been raided.As he picked up his sword, he could feel the couches being lifted from their positions, and was greeted with the trio again

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Blue watched as he decided to try and stand.Blue sniffed.But the dots he kept connecting in his head led to the picture in front of him.A near-permanent goofy smile was on his face.He had hoped that the guy he was supposed to be guiding would've landed a little bit CLOSER to him, but no dice.Comments: 13 Kudos: 46 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 1341. Ranma goddess spring fanfiction. Which seemed to be full of it, so much so that it draped past his eyebrows.The old dog had found himself suddenly missing the townspeople's company.Did someone really just show up from the sk y.He had so many more questions, but remembering that it was the middle of the night. The air now had a strange sweet, charred scent to it.You answered them all pretty vaguely, giving the most basic answers one; because it was all you could do.Among the cluster of stars, one of them was beginning to flicker and shine excessively bright.seeing as it gave him a bad case of insomnia.He was alive. And.But he just couldn't believe what he had been witness to.Opening one of his eyes, he slowly pulled himself back upward, slowly peeking outside.normal.Mao Mao.Blinking the blurriness out of your eyes, you slowly sat up, placing an arm on your knee to support yourself to collect info on your new surroundings.Unless someone, some hero stands in his way.His face seemed. Sans x Reader. Lips parted slightly as his broad chest slowly rose up and down.The damage was minor, but enough to hinder the protective force-field that had kept Pure Heart Valley safe from prying eyes.Taking another sip of lightly-sweetened tea.The stars were extra bright tonight, so much so that he could see them flicker and. Was it.and fail miserably as his knees quaked under him, sending him back down to the ground onto his knees.gentle.However, they were able to cripple Cthulhu's ability to wreak further havoc on the planet.Not that had really needed it as a tactic.It hadn't looked like any bat you had seen before.He had told himself that he would lay off the tea.A sky-blue bat peered down at you while still stifling her laughter. The Ruby Pure Heart had been fractured; courtesy of two newcomers crashing right into it's shiny red exterior. Blue squinted as he slowly lowered his teacup onto the windowsill.Might as well make a sign begging monsters to come and eat them alive, one by one. Or.And unfortunately, there were repercussions to having a giant ruby looming thousands of feet into the sky.A rapidly cooling cup of tea held tightly in his tiny paws.Clad in crimson-red armor pieces and cape, stood a bipedal cat with fur as black as the night.

DA Muro Paint a picture Experiment with DeviantArt?s own digital drawing tools.Commission Get paid for your art Sell custom creations to people who love your style.Poll Ask the community Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.Status update Post an update Tell the community what?s on your mind.Learn More Manage your personal settings.Journal Post a journal Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Tadashi. Already a deviant? Log In DESTRCTOR Oct 11, 2020 Que buen fan-art. Featured in groups See All Almost-Human-OCs ArtUnion AntroFurryCreater King Snugglemagne - FanArt By Neofactory02 Watch 13 Favourites 2 Comments 60 Views crown fanart fluffy heart heroes king lion magne maomao pink pure snuggle maomaoheroesofpureheart snugglemagne I just started to watch Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart with my girlfriend AniaDawson and when I saw the King Snugglemange it was sure that I wanted to make a little fanart XD AHHHHHH. Accept.Add to Favourites Comment See More by Neofactory02 Featured in collections cartoon characters by metabee13 Other anthros by KillerCroc133166 Neofactory02 by DESTRCTOR You Might Like.

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was he.Badgerclops was still sitting on the floor, but jumped when he heard Mao's footsteps creaking on the floorboards.Mao Mao laughed and Badgerclops glared at both of them.Actually, it's a normal day for our two heroes.What if he's been training too much and he passed out from exhaustion.After all of his thinking, he decided that Tanya Keys wasn't the right person for him. Judai-Yubel Fusion by IcyPheonix on DeviantArt. Comments: 168 Kudos: 18 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 629.Adorabat was in the kitchen painting since nobody wanted paint splattered everywhere in the living room.They broke the hug, but Mao Mao had his arms around Badgerclops's neck.Mao knelt down on both knees in front of him.He thought again about that one time where Mao fell asleep, leaned on him, and hugged the side of his stomach.He had the faintest blush on his cheeks.He felt a gentle hand touch his furry arm.He still didn't know why it made him feel that way.Okay, so maybe Badgerclops raided the bakery once.Those were just some of the moments Badgerclops thought about that made him hot, red, and even more fuzzy than he already was.Maybe he lied to Mao Mao saying he was gonna apologize for the raiding, but he snuck a blueberry pie out.He groaned in frustration and set the controller down next to him.Mao Mao rolled his eyes and crossed his arms with his katana in one hand.He wondered if he liked her enough that he would've kissed her on the cheek as well.Badgerclops reached to rub Mao's ears, but he smacked his claws away.It wasn't possibly that he was.The sky was a mixture of elegant colors: Orange, yellow, purple, and pink. Wreck-It Ralph YouTube. He popped his head up from his hands and looked to the direction where the dojo was.Mao Mao walked to the bedroom, leaving Badgerclops sitting on the warm, wooden floor of the dojo.He was always there when Mao Mao needed him the most..Badgerclops's yellow eye sparkled and he hugged him back.Maybe he punched Mao in the face for unplugging his video game.Mao smiled at her statement and sheathed his katana.Their cheeks were blushing a popping red.Badgerclops looked in front of him to see Mao Mao holding his arm to let him know he was standing inches away from him.He rested his elbows on the table in front of him and put his head in his hands.The two passionately kissed until they separated ten seconds later.All these new thoughts were going through Badgerclops's head as he ran to the dojo.Just another normal day in the HQ for our three heroes.Badgerclops's face was turning beet red and he didn't like it at all.

Hybrid AU rating may change but honestly.Badgerclops attempts to get Mao Mao to loosen up and have fun instead of constantly focusing on his duties.Will be explained.Well, the artifact in question has decided that a few hauntings -in more ways than one- are in order, as it will simply NOT STOP until the people who hurt it are DEAD. Warriorhood as discussed here, as you might imagine, follows some aspects of Greek conventions.However, when the past rears its ugly head Mao Mao's forced to step up or be put down. Moira burton porn. Rare raw emotional vulnerability moments from our favorite small tsundere sheriff.You can either live happily ever with that person, or cry because you are not the one of his life.Where they worship a weird tree and have a corrupted artifact.The Pure Heart Valley seemed like a good place to escape..Legends so it'll make it easier for you to understand.? Some notes: What Mao Mao eventually says about purring is, to some extent, true in the real world. ?The singsong king has a soft touch, both physically and mentally, despite his size and physique. Snugglemao. The main problem is that the ghosts it's chosen for this aren't exactly malevolent, despite a few similarities to that accursed black cat.However, the arrival of spring has brought with it an all too familiar feeling that our feline hero would rather ignore, for he deems it unnecessary to become a legend.A certain cat is determined to do everything in his power to keep that from happening.Heaping helpings of cute tactile affection typical of felines, large and little.

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His feet seemed to automatically take him to the local restaurant.Other than that, the rest of the decor, even if it fit the theme, was strangely adorable in its own way.As expected, the King's only response was a panicked screech and instinctively throwing his plate of cupcakes at the group of abominable beasts before he ran off, crying back into the safety of his castle. And that night just so happened to be their very first Monster Bash Night out ever since they had come across Pure Heart Valley.They had both stepped into the night and had already gotten pretty far, but eventually Badgerclops realized that the light coming from their house was still on and intensely embracing both of their bodies, signal that the door had been left open.Eventually, I stopped dressing up, and then going out all-together. Yasuo x janna. His costume was in fact, pretty elaborated.He was extremely quick to jump down the stool and grab his partner by the wrist so he could drag him off into the night.He had an idea.Mao couldn't help but sigh in defeat, and even if it took him a while, he jokingly slapped the badger's arm away and walked past him while flicking his cape in his characteristic, cool manner, trying his very best to look unfazed.What did he mean? All this time they had been doing nothing but walk around and ask nicely for a treat, they were probably here now to do just that.He'd never have many opportunities to dress up for Monster Bash Night, though he was probably the only one out of the three who had experience celebrating the holiday almost yearly, even if he didn't wear a costume each time.It didn't work.A few minutes went by, his food was already being served to him and he delightfully held his cup with both of his hands, trying to get some of the warmth for himself, and as he blew off the steam off of the drink so he could dig in, his whiskers began twitching as he felt another presence extremely close to him.They had to take a step back, expecting the worst.Mao Mao and Adorabat had chosen to stay quiet for a moment, simply staring at the big guy who was fixing the bandages covering his left eye carefully.Of course Monster Bash Night in Pure Heart Valley felt so boring and washed out, the spirit of the holiday had been lost, that was all.Two little red horns were adorning their head.As soon as they earn my trust and I come down to hand it to them, they'll try to eat me or something.From dark paths of forest, where possible dangers crept at every corner and the only noise one could hear were the chirps of bugs jumping around, to streets filled with lanterns, each uniquely decorated to fit the theme of the specific celebration, music filling the air, laughter and the sweet smell of pastries everywhere.

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The group Horde Gaggle Headache of sweetie pies all began to speak at once.He grabbed his sword and headed out the door and headed back in when he realized that it wasn’t the monster alarm.Kid more like.” “And what is that?” The Stranger just smiled and took out more leaves.It’s just a leaf.Once he’s all nice and bruised we bury him alive. Legolas slash. You know that’s not even a rope.He sheathed his sword and headed for the door. He couldn’t have been much older than 16 maybe 17.The entire kingdom was caught in a net with a misshapen piano hanging above them like it was some sort of cartoon.Maybe he should have joined them and actually done something with his day. “Oh.He wasn’t paying much attention when they left.A lot like you, actually.Did whatever happen also effect the King. “Don’t forget about me.Every so often he would turn towards the silent monster alarm before he went back to pointlessly polishing his sword. “Are you done?” “No, I’m not done.There wasn’t much to go on The AU gave a lot of room to invert the themes of the original source which was fun.He walked over to the net and grabbed the king by the collar.Hope that maybe mistakes can be fixed, or at least worked past.Comments: 36 Kudos: 170 Bookmarks: 17 Hits: 4973. “What?” “No not you. Harry potter harry and hermione fanfiction lemon. You complain about your dad when you’re not better. “Okay, why are you so rude.Secondly, I’m not rude you all are just insufferable. “You can’t just do things without consequences.You don’t get to criticize me for doing mine!” Mao Mao pinched the bridge of his nose.I beat them once a week, twice if I need to blow off some steam.A massive boulder that belonged at the slope of a mountain hurled through the air.He was a little taller than the sheriff and even sounded like the sheriff.Let’s see how he likes being locked up without anyone to help him.The Pure Heart Valley seemed like a good place to escape.Prick won’t let me do anything!” “Hey, that was our phone. It was red.” “These guys don’t have bounties on their heads,” Badgerclops added from the back.Lastly, what I want is to finally give Mao Mao what he deserves.” “Why? Why should I?” “Because you literally held an entire kingdom hostage.It was quit. The town wasn’t on fire, Pigguns hasn’t tried to run him over, and there was no trail of mayo from Pinky.” A loud crash shook the ship.The ass just hung up on me!” The stranger threw the phone on the ground, growling in frustration. “Alright daddy issues, that’s enough.I can do what I want and you certainly can’t stop me.

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The Castonmeyer Family (Eugene, Sonara, and Adorabat): They were an upper-middle class family and lived happy lives during the 80s.They died after a toaster they were working on caught fire and burnt down the house in 1979.They died when the floor to their house collapsed in 1987; they survived the fall, but not the debris.They were infamous gang members who worked their way to the top through bootlegging.She died on New Years Day in the year 2000 after a fireworks accident.Also same character from the show, except he makes outdated meme references that get on everyone's nerves. Bowsette inflation. Anyone is free to make a fanfic about this AU. Mao Mao: himself from the show except he lives alone.Has a near death experience which allows him to see ghosts.He gave up on his dreams of becoming a hero after being ignored by his father time and time again..He died after trying to lick away a paint stain he had gotten on his best suit; the paint had lead in it.He suffered a fatal heart attack in 2013 caused by a 3 year addiction to Monster Energy.Eugene is shy, quiet, quite possibly bisexual, and socially awkward.Rufus was the man in charge while Reggie followed along.Hiram Snugglemagne XXV: An extremely rich businessman during the early 1900s.They had everything that Mao Mao never got from his family; a stable marriage, plenty of attention, and fun for everyone in general.They died after getting caught in a cross-fire in 1927.Reggie and Rufus: They sold products that we're always faulty, low quality, and sometimes dangerous during the 1970s.

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His boss Snugglemagne eventually needed a new dancer.The bulge in his pants was massive but Mao Mao was used to it.Mao Mao quickly became popular amongst the customers and was finally able to buy Adorabat better things.It was a good mix and Mao Mao found it easier to dance to.He's so close to getting enough money to send Adorabat to school.Everytime he asked about the badger's life he would avoid the question. Pegging abuse. Snugglemagne did say he was investing in a new design so Mao Mao was hoping it wouldn't be a bunch of strings tied together.The amount of money he spends on you is insane.He grabs his house keys off the coffee table and locks the front door behind him.I wouldn't sell you out like that, mittens. Skimpy.He decides to take her in and from there grew the desire to take care of her and give her the life he couldn't have.Mao Mao climbs up and begins dancing as the next song plays.Mao Mao would sleep for six hours during the day then go to work all night.Occupying the cat's time and stealing him away from the floor.He heads to the dressing room and clocks in before changing into his uniform.Mao Mao lays down on the couch and closes his eyes.Badgerclops bites his lower lip like always as Mao Mao grinds against his growing erection.Mao Mao turns off the light and gives his daughter a smile before closing the bedroom door. But the pink panties and crop top were dress code for all performers.The song ends and Mao Mao moves to get up.But his boss Snugglemagne didn't care, as long as he was bringing in the money.

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Badgerclops caught the fist that was intended for his gut, his robo-arm absorbing the shock of the impact.I didn't get to play 'Ending Fantasy XV' because of you.From the kitchen, Mao Mao groaned loud enough for his deputies to hear him.He couldn't make out the finer details yet, but he noticed a large, obsidian rectangle across the room and wondered when they put a television in the bedroom.When Mao Mao noticed the Ruby Pure Heart’s magenta glow, he remembered what happened the last time it did that and let his train of thought ride free on the tracks of fear. “I was afraid. Spyro fanfic. He so desperately wanted to do something but he was at a loss. “It’s like I never lost it.They eventually stopped thanks to the friction caused by the bodies in their path.There was a warm, pleasant breeze that slowly shook the branches on the trees outside of the sheriff’s headquarters.Inside headquarters, however, was not so serene.They deftly avoided the unconscious guards as if to show off how untouchable they were.Even though Badgerclops said it was a bad game, I wanted to try it.The king faced away from the sun and the glowing Ruby, causing his countenance to be partially shaded by his large, red mane.Before Mao Mao could make contact with Snugglemagne, the lion's mane began to dissolve.He moved his tail up and down, left to right, and even wrapped it tightly around an arm to test its strength.The obstacles littering the ground weren't helping him gain ground, either.Mao Mao fell into the infinite blackness below, screaming as he helplessly reached for anything to grab hold of.

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